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    To support our current and future generations, we share a responsibility to repair the damage brought upon other people, animals, and our planet by the human race. Our mission is to learn how to help all terrestrials, as well as to educate and empower our fellow humans. 

    Art is our chosen method of communication. Our messages are heard and understood within our artistic creations. Expressing ourselves artistically allows us to make sense of the world in which we exist. Art grants us the opportunity to temporarily inhabit a different world that could offer ways to improve our existing societies and relationships. Dreams hold the power to help us survive our current reality, and they can also motivate us to create and thrive in a new one.  We have arrived at a critical moment. In order to survive, we must create a new way of living. 

Our intent is not to implement drastic change in other human beings. Many people already hold values such as compassion, respect, peace, and love close to their hearts. Instead, we hope to inspire others to live in alignment with their values in an expanded way. We seek to challenge people to expand their circle of values so that it knows no bounds. We want to encourage people to extend love and compassion to all creatures.

We are not here to shame or demand perfectionism. We realize that striving to be as compassionate as possible will look different on everyone. As fellow terrestrials, we understand that each of our journeys are unique, and we respect that everyone is at different point in their journey. We cannot escape the imperfections that make us human, but at the same time, we must not let the optimism that enables us to bring more goodness into the world seep from our hearts. We need to empower each other to continuously open our hearts as much as possible. We humans are such powerful creatures, and because our actions carry so much potential to negatively affect all others on this planet, we believe that it is our duty to engage in a continuous effort to expand our circles of respect, love, and compassion to include all of the co-inhabitants of our shared planet. 

All people, animals, and nature are indirectly — and directly — related. As long as we allow fear, hate, and violence to flourish in one area of society, they will continue to prosper in all other parts of society. We must stop thinking of humans, animals, and the environment as separate entities. The pandemic that is currently taking over our world has demonstrated just how closely human and non-human threats are linked. 

We all move under the same sun, sleep under the same stars, and exist on the same planet. We all have friends, families, and the desire to protect our young. We all feel. We seek pleasure and we avoid pain. Humans are animals. Now is the time to set aside our differences and to focus on how deeply connected we are. When we unite together as one force and work cooperatively, we are smarter, stronger, and more successful. 

Let’s use our gifts of creation and our voices to raise awareness and speak out so that we may protect our home: planet Earth. The time has come for us to consider and implement new ways to co-exist within and across species. Our mission is to help spread awareness to others and to be kind to one another. When we are able to empower one another, we all can act on our newly found awareness. From there, the sky’s the limit. 

    So many social justice issues require our immediate attention. We greatly appreciate the inclusion of our mission in your thinking. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 


Jillian Beaulieu


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Zara Boss


  • @zarabossss


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Lisa-Holly Kelly

Visual Arts Supervisor

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Kayleigh Duggan

Film Editor

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