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Empowering and educating individuals about issues linked to animals' rights, environmentalism, and social justice through art.


Since the seed of this project was planted in August 2020, it has taken root and is starting to bloom! We are a two-person artistic team hoping to use art as a vehicle to empower and educate people about all aspects of veganism. We are committed to positivity and self-expression.

Our team met during a dance production in a small town in Maine. After learning we were both vegan and passionate about dance, we decided to create an independent project to share our passion with others. From there, Backyard Terrestrials was born.

While we personally use dance as our primary form of artistic expression, Backyard Terrestrials is not limited to one single form. We welcome all forms of art - visual and performing - to be used as  tools of expression and education.

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can contribute to Backyard Terrestrials' growth.

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